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ancient puer tea

GuYunHao Autumn Tea Series | 16' Yan Gu Yi Hao
We used the first spring and first harvest of ecological loose tea at an altitude of some 2,000 meters as raw material, blended with ancient autumn tea. Due to the dense rocky terrain, thick fog, slow growth of tea trees, and deep roots, it makes this tea has an extraordinarily high aroma and exquisite bitterness with a rhyme similar to Wuyi Cliff tea.

The first brew has a light sweet aroma with a smooth taste; When the second brew its aroma begins to seep out, the taste was rich; The third and fourth brew of this tea's rock rhyme appears slowly, and the rich contents make you feel that the tongue is wrapped by the aroma of tea, with a sweet aftertaste. On the whole, this tea can be said resistant to brewing, with just the right sweetness and full penetration, giving people an indescribable sense of satisfaction after drinking it! After 6-7 times of brewing, you can try to continue this tea with a deeper brew.
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liubao tea

Liubao Tea Combo Set
Liubao tea, is one of the 24 famous teas. With time, taste of the LiuBao Tea will become more mellow and full-rounded. It has been associated with Malaysia since hundreds of years ago.

Malaysian mining workers suffered from the high humidity and high temperature environment, and the excellent of Liubao tea to dispel the heat and humidity, and over time Liubao tea has become their gospel. Long-term drinking can also strengthen the spleen and stomach, suitable for men, women and children.

There is up to 7 different kinds of Liubao tea to let you try all at once.
1) JiaChang Late Nineties Liubao Tea | It has retained the flavour and mouthfeel characteristics of Liubao tea. It is full-bodied, smooth and mellow with aged aroma introduces depth of flavour.
2) ChunXiang 031 Liubao Tea / The aroma is pure and rich, the taste is mellow with a sweet aftertaste, the soup color is red, thick and smooth.
3) Aged BingLangXiang 032 Liubao Tea / 'Yun' taste thick, strong, sweet aftertaste, and long-lasting.
4) BingLangXiang 025 Liubao Tea / The soup feels mellow and full, the betel nut aroma is clear and clean, and it is satisfying to drink.
5) SanHe - DaShi Liubao Tea / Tastes rich, mellow and sweet with elegant aromas of areca and fungus.
6) ChenYaoYun Liubao Tea / Taste of time with a slight medicinal fragrance. Smooth and sweet.
7) ZaoXiang 122 Liubao Tea / The smell is clean and pure, with a woody and slightly sweet jujube fragrance, the taste is soft and delicate, with wood refreshing fragrance, and sweet aftertaste.

Highly recommended for those who had never tried Liubao tea!
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