How to brew LiuBao tea?

Brewing by teapot is known as kungfu brewing. Each brew allows different experience of the LiuBao tea, feel the slight changes in taste, aroma and mouthfeel. There is also a difference when LiuBao tea is brewed with different tea ware. A slightly bigger purple clay teapot is recommended when brewing LiuBao tea, at least 160cc and preferably a tea pot that is slightly taller with a bigger 'belly'. This allows the tea to unfold itself and its characteristics.

ps: After a few rounds of brewing, don't throw the tea leaves away. Try the methods below!

Difference between ‘zhu’ and ‘jian煎’

The main difference is that one starts with hot water and the other cold water. Using hot water is known as 'zhucha 煮茶', whereas using cold water is 'jiancha 煎茶‘. This slight difference results in different textures and taste.

Tea prepared by 'zhu‘ is more mellow and dense. On the other hand, 'Jiancha煎茶' pronounces the aroma and sweetness of tea.

None is better than other, it all depends on one's preference. Try it out during CMCO, and you might unlock a whole new experience with tea!

Brew with Candle Base Teapot Warmer

Try brewing LiuBao tea by allowing it to steep on a candlelight (tea warmer). Put in 1g tea to 100g water (ratio, please adjust to your need) in a teapot with a bigger belly. This brewing method showcases the thickness, sweetness and full mouthfeel!

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