Every piece of ancient tree tea leaf has their own story. In general, a tree needs to be at least a few hundred years old to be called ancient tea tree. As ancient tree tea is made from tea leaves of the ancient tea trees, production is low and therefore rare. Each cup of ancient tree tea is hard-won. The growth of an ancient tea tree takes hundreds of years. It has experienced countless changes of seasons and underwent strong winds and storms. Through hundred years of accumulation, their roots grow deep into earth drawing nutrients of earth. Ancient tea trees accumulate abundant nutrients over time.

Picking ancient tea tree is not as easy as it seems, it requires some skills and climbing techniques.  Generally, ancient tea trees grow in pristine and remote high mountain regions which is an arduous journey of rough path. Tea farmers need to bring along equipment and hike up steep mountains. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of picking tea. As winter fades into spring, tea farmers enter into a busy harvest season. Tea farmers hike into tea gardens to pick early spring tea. Wholeheartedly, just to craft a pot of tea to perfection. The strong relish of wild mountains and the charm of ancient tree tea fuse in the teapot. Each piece of tea leaf is a precious gift of nature.

2021 GuYunHao Early Spring Ancient Tree Tea

BanZhang LaoZhai
This tea has an intense mountain charm. Its orchid honey-like aroma is apparent in the liquor, the dreg and even the emptied cup. Its sweetness, fullness, texture and finish are all-around ancient tree tea characteristics. Savoured, sensation of penetration and pull and be felt on the surface of tongue, palate and throat with a strong “qi”.


DianFeng Ancient Tree
The strong relish of wild mountains and the earthy scent unique to moss are marked characteristics of HuaZhu LiangZi. There is a shy floral aroma along with a sip of tea. The throat yun is gentle with enough firmness, just like the yang in the yin.


QianNian ChaHun
This particular tea is aromatic, sweet, mellow and smooth. Rich in content, its well-layered flavours, immediate aftertaste and ripe fruity aroma reveal between breaths. QianNian ChaHun has an aura of sophistication edified by the deep-rooted culture and thousand years of inheritance.


Ancient Tree ZiYa
The liquor reveals a faint floral aroma upon drinking.  tastes mellow, soothing, with a smooth yet light texture. It ends with a plump finish at the back of the throat, as though all of its essence were released at the moment swallowing.


PaSha Zheng Shan
PaSha ancient tree tea has a prominent ancient tea charm. Fine, crisp sweetness intervenes with slight bitterness along with rich “qi” encases the whole palate. Rolled around the mouth, the tea liquor is full-bodied, with thick consistency and smooth in texture. It has a strong finishing kick at the back of the throat that slowly sinks. The robust aftertaste and pleasant salivation after tasting are all attributes unique to PaSha’s geographical features.


GuangGang LaoZhai
The bright honey butter colour of the tea, the dimensional and distinctive tea texture, the elegant aroma of orchid and rock relish encases the whole palate, are the characteristics of GuangGang LaoZhai ancient tree tea. The sweetness and richness of tea “chi” mingles in the entire mouth, transforming into a mellow and full “chi” with a strong aftertaste. Salivary glands kick in, with a lasting charm. “ShiGu MiaoXiang”(subtile scent of the rocks) allures once the tea slides down the throat.

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