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Selected Young Leaf Green Tea
Mao Jian literally means young bud, is a green tea produced in Zhejiang Province. Mao Jian has unique characteristics in its color, aroma, tastes and shape. Dry tea leaves are slightly rolled and tight, emerald in color and lustrous; the pekoe is obvious.

The aroma is persistent, the color of the tea liquor is bright and clear, and the taste is fresh and fragrant. It has a mellow and rich flavor, is refreshing with a sweet aftertaste. After the tea leaves have been moistened, they slowly sink to the bottom of the cup. The tea leaves become evenly shaped, soft, and fresh green.
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ChunXiang 031 Liu Bao
After 17 years (from the year 2004 until today),  its aroma of aging is more attractive. The aroma is pure and rich, the taste is mellow, concentrated and sweet, the soup color is red, thick and smooth. The longer the aging time, the more mellow and sweet the tea is, the more valuable it is for collection.
P.S. : After steeping several times, this tea can be used to boil it, and you can experience it in another flavor~
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Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea
It's one of the four famous teas of AnXi, originally produced in Luoyanmeizhuang, Huqiu Town, Anxi County, Fujian Province. Tea liquor color is golden yellow and has a strange fragrance like osmanthus, so it is called Huang Jin Gui. The aroma is clean, and a sip of it is sweet with honey, leaving a fragrance on the cheeks.
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