Simple Yet Refreshing : Mandarin Jasmine Tea

Come and try this simple mandarin jasmine tea! It's not only refreshing but also has many health benefits.🍊

Ingredients 材料
1-2 fresh mandarin oranges / 1-2 新鲜柑橘
1 teaspoon of LOTS® Jasmine Green Tea / 1 小茶匙乐仕茉莉龙珠花茶
Ice cubes (depending on personal preference) / 冰块(视个人喜好而定)
1 small glass of lemon juice / 1 小杯柠檬汁

Directions 制作方法
Step 1. Combine boiling water and jasmine tea in a small container. Steep jasmine tea to your preferred strength and set aside.

Step 2. Place the mandarin oranges in a larger glass, mash to extract the juice, then add a few ice cubes and the lemon juice.

Step 3. Finally, pour in the previously prepared jasmine tea, stir well and serve!

The combination of coolness and nutrition brings you health and vitality.

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