Quench ur thirst with refreshing Matcha coconut water

Not only does it combine the delightful flavors of matcha and coconut water, but it also brings a range of benefits. Matcha is renowned for its natural energy boost and antioxidant properties, helping you stay focused and energized. Coconut water hydrates and provides rich electrolytes, keeping your body refreshed in hot weather.


Give this simple yet delicious recipe a try 尝试这简单而美味的食谱:

Step 步骤 1: Prepare a cup of matcha and set aside. 准备一杯抹茶,置放一旁。
Step 步骤 2: Add in some ice cubes. 加入适量冰块。
Step 步骤 3: Pour in coconut water. 倒入椰子水。
Step 步骤 4: Pour in previously prepared matcha, then mix well. 加入先前准备的抹茶,搅拌均匀。
Voila, a cool and nourishing beverage is ready to enjoy 一杯清凉又滋补的饮品就完成啦 !

Stay cool, stay energized! Indulge in the perfect blend of Matcha Coconut Water.


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