The Reasons to Drink Tea with Mooncakes

a people pouring out oolong tea with blue lantern behind

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, on the night of the full moon, every bite of mooncake carries the warmth of reunions. There's a saying, "On the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, the moon is full in the sky, and mooncakes are round on the ground." While admiring the moon, savoring various flavors of mooncakes with family is indeed a delightful and heartwarming experience. However, why do we always hear about pairing mooncakes with tea? Inside mooncake gift boxes, we often find tea leaves included. Do you know why this is done?


a father and daughter sitting together enjoying tea with celadon gaiwan set

1- Symbol of Reunion 团圆的象征

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which originated in the early Tang Dynasty and flourished during the Song Dynasty, has become one of the most important traditional holidays today. Since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a custom of brewing "tuan cha" (tea balls) during this festival. The shape of "tuan cha" resembles a sphere, symbolizing reunion, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for families to come together.

Therefore, drinking "tuan cha" during the Mid-Autumn Festival is the most suitable choice. As time went on, people began using loose tea leaves instead of "tuan cha", but the tradition of pairing tea with mooncakes has endured.


a mooncake pairing with ripe puerh tea beside windows

2- Healthy and Eliminate Greasiness 健康且解腻

Whether sweet or savory, although mooncakes are delicious, will always feel greasy if you eat too much, and they are also high in calories. Drinking tea not only helps eliminate this feeling of greasiness but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, aiding digestion and even offering potential weight loss benefits. It makes weight management a more relaxed and enjoyable process. Therefore, it is healthier to pair tea with mooncakes.


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hand over a cup of ripe puerh tea to others

3-  Emotional Connection 情感的联结

Express your feeling through tea, the taste of home. During every festive occasion, thoughts of loved ones multiply. In ancient times, eating mooncakes and savoring good tea created a bond between family and nostalgia. This connection was formed with each bite and sip. The bright moon seemed to carry the deep longing of travelers for their hometowns and loved ones. Even though they were miles apart, they felt connected under the same moon. Sitting in the courtyard, gazing at the moon, and enjoying a cup of tea, it's as if even memories carry a touch of longing.


In fact, what you eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival is not as important as the time spent with your family.

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