Enjoying Spring Tea's Aroma

As the old saying says, "People delay tea for a season, tea delays people for a year." We have been waiting a year for this cup of Early Spring Dragon Well Tea!

The taste that we have been waiting for all year. We can imagine how rich this cup of tea is with the essence and nourishment of the whole winter.

As usual, we selected the Shi Feng and Mei Jia Wu Dragon Well Tea.

MeiJiaWu Early Spring LongJing

Mei Jia Wu is an ancient village with a history of more than 600 years and has the ecological and natural beauty of "ten miles of Mei Wu contains the fragrance of tea". MeiJiaWu has a unique geographical advantage, which cloud and mist often group on the mountain dock, coupled with fertile sand soil, and quality water source, which is conducive to the growth and development of tea trees. Such unique geographical environment provides a unique flavor to MeiJiaWu, which the tea leaves in emerald, rich of flavor with fragrance, taste of sweetness and contained the four characteristics of Dragon Well Tea.

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ShiFeng Early Spring LongJing
Shi Feng Mountain is a first-class protected area located in Zhejiang Province, which has a mild and humid climate. Shi Feng Mountain produces tea leaves that are short and fat, smooth and flat, with slight bud hairs on them. The tea leaves also have a tender green colour and a sweet aroma.

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