At Legend of Tea we specialize in Tea Art, is one of the largest retail brand in Malaysia was inspired by the tea philosophy during the Tang Dynasty; which is drawn from the essence of Confucians, Tao, and Zen teachings the union of both humanity and nature that leads to the highest form of tea admiration.

We respects all aspects of tea making. From the procurement of raw materials, followed by the attentiveness of skilled mastery in the production of tea; each packaging is specially designed and uphold the true essence of quality living. We believe that Legend of Tea products enhance tea drinking experience, allowing tea lovers to embrace the wholesome beauty of tea.

Closing into 30 years of dedication and attentiveness, ensures the excellence in products and services of Legend of Tea, Legend of Tea grew into one of the largest retail brand of Chinese tea art in Malaysia. With a total of 7 retail outlets throughout Malaysia covering both the Northern and Southern region. With strong affirmation and recognition of Legend of Tea , we continue to reach to more tea lovers worldwide. Legend of Tea currently has customers from Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, China & etc.

Legend of Tea has taken a step towards the international arena. In 2014, we was the first Malaysian company to establish our very own tea processing factory in China, as well as Legend of Tea retail outlets in Shanghai, Ningbo and Yixing.

Our founder Mr. Ng Shu Long dedicated his life in promoting tea art and hopes to establish tea art culture in today’s society. Through-out years of hard work, risk taking, dedication and commitment towards his work, Mr. Ng experienced many moments of ups and downs in the journey of building his vision.

The excellence of Legend of Tea lies within the leadership and passion of Mr Ng in continuous effort of product development, which leads him to a higher level effort of exploration into the vast richness of tea art. Mr. Ng has personally venture into the depths of mountain every year in search of high quality teas and further his study and learning the tradition method of producing the ultimate quality of tea. Moreover, the design and the presentation of the tea has been done in an utmost detailed manner to ensure the product is delivered in the best presentation.

Furthermore, Mr Ng also dedicates his time in organising charity events in creating the awareness towards the tea art culture and its benefit in hoping to build up a better and healthy lifestyle for the community.


The procurement of raw materials
Legend of Tea’s product is produced with the best grade of raw materials. Each product is crafted mindfully with condition of the plantation, the age of the tree, the method of harvesting, and the quality of the tea tree itself. To ensure and deliver the best product to our customers, Legend of Tea has establish a production and collection centre, namely the -Gu Yun Hao- tea production factory- located in Hekai, Xishuangbanna, in the Yunnan province of China- Tea leafs collection centre are located in some of the famous tea plantations in the province including Banzhanglaozai, Laoman’er and Mangjing areas.


Legend of Tea promotes the essence of life through simple, comfortable and authentic lifestyle. We do not practice exaggerated product packaging just to bring out an illusionary product branding. The art of Zen brings out the beauty of tea. With the simplicity of art work and design, Legend of Tea promotes the culture and heritage of living. Packaging presentation is beyond the beauty in the eyes and in turn enhance the ultimate tea experience.
The Gu Yun Hao tea production factory was established with the mission to create the best quality of premium tea. Experienced tea makers (masters) specialising in the traditional way of tea making- along with supervision of tea professionals brings out the best of teas. Legend of Tea commits to provide the best quality of tea to all tea lovers around the world.

Legend of Tea produces a variety of tea and tea related products:
Premium grade ancient Puer Tea; Liu Bao; Wu Yi Rock Tea; Japanese Green Tea; Flower Tea; Premium grade Purple Clay Tea pots, Tea utensils, gift set etc.