• Let's make a cup of authentic Matcha at home!

    With the right tea set and the right steps, brewing matcha is not difficult!
  • Brewing Guide for Aged Tea

    The essence of brewing aged tea lies in people, tools and water.
  • A Guide to Awaken Tea

    Four methods you should know about of awakening tea. No matter how good the storage is, it also needs to awaken the tea, to better distribute the tea fragrance.
  • The Best Way To Store Tea

    The storage of tea is not just the taste that is passed down, but also the health. There are three key points of store tea.
  • Rhythm In Aged Tea

    Aged tea, tasting the taste of time, tasting the traces of the years, is one of the charms of aged tea.
  • AUGUST | Good Tea to Share

    This month, we're about to share an autumn ancient tree tea and a liubao tea combo set which included of 7 types of liubao tea to let you try all at once.
  • Cold Brew Oolong Tea

    Unlike hot brewed tea, which focuses on brewing details, cold brewed tea is relaxed and spontaneous!
  • JULY | Good Tea to Share

    We are going to share these good tea this month, which is MaoJian Green Tea, ChunXiang 031 Liubao and HuangJinGui oolong tea.
  • JUNE | Good Tea to Share

    The Treasure of Ripe Puer | 17' GuPu ErHaoChoose pure ancient trees from Bulang Mountain as raw materials for pile-fermentation. The aroma is de...
  • GuYunHao Ancient Tree Tea

    Drink ecology with health, without any artificial intervention, the tea grows by natural factors, so it can be said to be a true pollution-free dri...
  • Enjoying Spring Tea's Aroma

    As the old saying says, "People delay tea for a season, tea delays people for a year." We have been waiting a year for this cup of Early Spring Dra...
  • LOTS Matcha

    THE HISTORY OF MATCHAMatcha originated in the Sui and Tang Dynasties in China but flourished in Japan and then developed into parts of the Japanese...