• Simple Yet Refreshing : Mandarin Jasmine Tea

    Come and try this simple mandarin jasmine tea! It's not only refreshing but also has many health benefits.
  • The Top 3 Post-CNY Weight Loss Teas

    Do you gain 3 pounds every Chinese New Year? Follow along with us and let's start sipping these teas to lose weight!
  • 30th Anniversary / Grateful for thirty years together!

    30th anniversary! It marks a significant milestone in our 30-year journey. In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are offering discounts of up to 30%!
  • Mid-Autumn Festival : Gift Guide

    推荐中秋送礼清单,让您今年的中秋礼品挑得轻松又安心!Mid-Autumn Gift Guide : making your Mid-Autumn gift selection easy and heartwarming!

  • The Reasons to Drink Tea with Mooncakes

    During the Mid-Autumn Festival, on the night of the full moon, every bite of mooncake carries the warmth of reunions.
  • The Perfect Mooncakes and Tea Pairing

    Different mooncakes are meant to be paired with different teas, not only enhancing their flavors but also relieves greasiness and aids digestion.
  • Quench ur thirst with refreshing Matcha coconut water

    Stay cool, stay energized! Indulge in the perfect blend of Matcha Coconut Water.
  • Let's make a cup of authentic Matcha at home!

    With the right tea set and the right steps, brewing matcha is not difficult!
  • Brewing Guide for Aged Tea

    The essence of brewing aged tea lies in people, tools and water.
  • A Guide to Awaken Tea

    Four methods you should know about of awakening tea. No matter how good the storage is, it also needs to awaken the tea, to better distribute the tea fragrance.
  • The Best Way To Store Tea

    The storage of tea is not just the taste that is passed down, but also the health. There are three key points of store tea.
  • Rhythm In Aged Tea

    Aged tea, tasting the taste of time, tasting the traces of the years, is one of the charms of aged tea.