The Perfect Mooncakes and Tea Pairing

a tray of tea cups and mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival, the perfect harmony of mooncakes and tea, creates a delightful resonance. Each type of mooncake has its unique flavor, and choosing the right tea can elevate the taste experience. Pairing fresh green tea with sweet red bean mooncakes, or rich Pu-erh tea with savory salted egg yolk mooncakes, each combination is a delicious exploration.

Moreover, the aromatic essence of tea balances the richness of mooncakes in the mouth, aiding digestion. This Mid-Autumn, why not try different tea and mooncake pairings, and indulge in a feast for the senses. Whether with family or friends, such pairings will surely make Mid-Autumn even more delightful. Let tea accompany mooncakes, savoring the sweetness and warmth of the season.



a close up of mooncake

Pandan Lotus tastes delicate and fragrant, and its unique fragrance fills the mouth. Pairing it with ripe tea can eliminate the feeling of greasiness and stagnation, making the experience of eating mooncakes more enjoyable.
翡翠莲蓉 — 如同翡翠故而得名。口感细腻清香,其独特的清香更是饱满了口感。搭配熟茶可以消除腻滞感,让人更加享受吃月饼的体验。

a couple of mooncakes

Red bean mooncakes are sweet & dense, while green tea with sweet red bean mooncakes not only balances the sweetness & reduces greasiness, but also makes the mooncakes more flavorful.
红豆月饼 — 口感香甜绵密,以清香的绿茶配搭,不仅起到平衡甜度、减少腻感的效果,还能提升红豆的豆香和绿茶的茶香。

a guide of mooncake and tea pairing

The fragrant lotus paste filling is very addictive to eat! Oolong tea can remove greasiness and stagnation, and the flavor is just right for mooncakes, the flavor of the tea makes people have another enjoyment.

a guide of mooncake and tea pairing

Hojicha Mooncake Biscuit is good-looking and delicious. It is a traditional nostalgic Mid-Autumn Festival souvenir. A cup of tea with the unique fragrance can relax the body and mind.
焙茶公仔饼, 好看好吃好意头。是传统的怀旧中秋手信。再来一杯茶,茶特有的清香,让整个身心不仅得到放松,还有营养和健康。

a guide of mooncake and tea pairing

Double Layers Mooncakes are full of filling, both inside and outside, are perfectly suited for those who love filling! Warm black tea can remove greasiness, and promote digestion, and black tea with all kinds of dessert texture is also very wonderful.

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