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Drink ecology with health, without any artificial intervention, the tea grows by natural factors, so it can be said to be a true pollution-free drink. The ancient tea trees are deeply rooted so that the tea leaves are rich in content and nutrients, and the tea itself is relatively high in minerals, which have great benefits for the human body. Drink artisan, drink natural, most of the ancient tea trees are made by pure handcrafted method, which makes the taste more mellow and the aroma of tea more intense. Drinking sweet & mellow with mood, drinking tea is not only an attitude towards life but also a kind of taste enjoyment. Quietly drinking a cup of tea alone is also a type of pleasure. In addition, ancient tree tea also has fat abstraction, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, reduce 3 highs & anti-aging effects! The total amount of catechins contained in ancient tree tea is higher than in other tea tree varieties, and the anti-aging effect is better than in other teas.

Ancient tree tea is born in the pristine ecology of the deep mountains and wild forests where no one interferes with it. Each tea mountain, different seasons, and even each tea tree has its unique personality. Each piece of ancient tree tea is a gift from nature. The tea people dissolve the pure mountain flavor and rhythm of the ancient tree tea in a pot, and each piece of tea leaf fully carries the gift of nature, which is an incomparable treasure.

Tea tree lichen, is attached to the tea tree branches and trunk, along with the form of the branches winding coiled. Or gray as dry mushrooms, or green like spring grass, a variety of natural beauty. Full of vicissitudes and the original cheerful scene, which also proves that the ecological environment is good.

Manual pan-frying
Each pan of tea, hands need to be in about 300 ° iron pot non-stop keep flipping the tea nearly 30 minutes, the test is not only patience, more is the palm on the fire and the perception of the flexibility of the tea leaves. It may seem easy, but frying evenly is a long-term practice of dexterity and kung fu. Flipping, shaking, smothering, rolling, stable and to have a certain sense of rhythm, in order to fry a pan of good tea.

Hand-rolling tea
Hand-rolling tea makes the produced tea leaves more mellow in aroma and richer in tea flavor. Rolling tea is all about strength and angle. If roll it lightly, the tea will be uneven; if roll it heavily, the tea soup will be muddy and not resistant to brewing. Sun-dried puer tea is the most traditional way of fixation, sun-dried a day is enough.

The puer tea market is now a highly sought-after object, and there are countless kinds of puer tea in the market under the banner of puer tea, from tens to thousands of dollars, and it's difficult to tell the false from the true. The quality of puer tea is mainly determined by factors such as raw materials, process and storage. The quality of the raw material is definitely closely related to the tea tree.

Tea trees that are more than three hundred years old are recognized as ancient tea trees, and the qualified fresh leaves that can be picked from ancient tea trees are actually very rare and need to be climbed to be picked by hand, so each tea leaf is really not easy to come by. Also, the weather and season are also key factors affecting the quality of tea. Early spring tea is the primary requirement for top quality tea, and the richness of its connotation is a taste that tea lovers coveted

If the compressed tea is made of 100% early spring ancient tree tea pure material, it‘s value can well be imagined. Choose a good ancient tree tea, have to choose a tea company that is serious about "making tea" and reliantable.

Did you know? Gu Yun Hao was formerly known as Chang Gu Hao! In 2013, Legend of Tea's team personally went to the home of Puer tea, XiShuangBanNa, Yunnan Province, and in that year we started to launch a series of pure ancient tree tea and named it "ChangGuHao". To adhere to the mission of making good tea with heart, in 2014, [ Chang Gu Hao ] was officially renamed as [ Gu Yun Hao ]. [ Gu ] represents ancient tree tea, also represents Legend of Tea. [ Yun ] represents Yunnan, double cloud also means to enter the Chinese market, also represents carving out a niche, Malaysia, and China.

As well, in 2014, we set up our primary tea factory. Because this can be more stringent monitoring of the quality of the ancient tea produced by the brand "Gu Yun Hao". Can ensure that each piece of tea is high quality as well as pure material of ancient tree tea. Effectively enhance the local tea farmers' professional attitude towards tea making, tea harvesting, and tea making.

Gu Yun Hao | The timeless classics of premium tea for you, does not do "BaiJiaCha / Hundred Tea"; Gu Yun Hao's team are personally control each subtle standards and changes, from the weather to the process of each link of strict control for the request, and keep improving, to ensure provide the best quality of tea. To choose a good ancient tree tea, should choose a tea company that is serious about "making tea" and has an attitude.

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