30th Anniversary / Grateful for thirty years together!

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30th anniversary! It marks a significant milestone in our 30-year journey. Since our humble beginnings to where we are today, we are truly honored and grateful to have had your companionship, support and trust. 30th anniversary! It is also a milestone as we embark on a new journey. We continue to uphold our passion and persist in crafting the finest teas for you. We look forward to sharing more cups of tea with you, steeping in the joys of life, one brew at a time.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are offering discounts of up to 30%! We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support. Thirty years of perseverance with a heart full of gratitude.

欢庆30周年,献给我们的珍贵客户!购买第一个产品原价,第二个产品享受 30% 折扣!无论您喜爱普洱茶、乌龙茶、武夷岩茶、白茶还是红茶,现在都是品味美好的最佳时刻。立即选购您喜欢的茶叶,与我们一同庆祝这个重要的里程碑。感谢您的支持,让我们陪伴您走过30个美好年华!*T&C Apply *Selected items only

Celebrating 30 years, dedicated to our valued customers! Purchase the 1st item at normal price and enjoy a 30% off on the 2nd item! Whether you prefer Pu-erh tea, Oolong tea, Wuyi Cliff tea, White tea, or Black tea, now is the perfect time to savor the goodness. Shop for your favorite teas today and join us in celebrating this significant milestone. We thank you for your support and for letting us be part of your wonderful journey for 30 years! *T&C Apply *Selected items only

第二个产品 30% 折扣 2nd Item 30% Off >

为了感谢您多年来的支持,这次我们也为你带来难得一见的六堡茶优惠!现在,购买 100g 250g 的六堡茶即可享受高达 15% 折扣,而 1kg 装的六堡茶也有 10% 折扣。这个机会不常见,各位茶友赶紧来选购!这绝对是回馈茶友们的独家优惠! 

To express our gratitude for your years of support, we're delighted to offer you a rare opportunity to enjoy discounts on our Liu Bao tea! Now, when you purchase 100g or 250g of Liu Bao tea, you may enjoy a 15% off discount, and there's a 10% discount on the 1kg packing. This opportunity doesn't come around often, so all tea lover, don't miss out! This is definitely an exclusive offer to reward tea lovers!

立即购买六堡茶 Buy Liu Bao Tea Now >


Whether you adore the enchanting aromas of floral teas or prefer the convenience of tea bags, you'll find your perfect pick in our LOTS Flower & Teabag collection. Enjoy a cup of refreshing Jasmine tea, a rich Rose tea, or explore a variety of traditional and modern tea bag flavors. Each sip is an expression of our gratitude for your continued support. It's our privilege to share the charm of tea with you. Thank you for being part of our journey!

购买乐仕花茶与茶包 Grab LOTS Flower Tea & Teabag >

我们也特别为您准备了小霸王普洱生茶系列的珍贵优惠。不仅可以品尝到这经典系列的精选普洱生茶,还将额外获得我们精美的 5层木盒 作为赠品。希望您继续享受这个美好的茶道旅程。感谢您的信任,一同庆祝茶与友情的30年盛事。

We've prepared a special treat for you – a precious offer on our Xiao Ba Wang Pu-erh Raw Puerh Tea Series. Not only will you savor the finest selections from this classic collection, but you'll also receive our exquisite 5-layer wooden box as a FREE gift. We hope you continue to enjoy this wonderful tea journey. Thank you for your trust, and let's celebrate 30 years of tea and friendship together.

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