Brewing Guide for Aged Tea


A good tea is the basis, brewed properly, the correct and reasonable brewing method to fully show the charm of aged tea. The essence of brewing aged tea lies in people, tools and water.

Brewing aged tea, the first thing is high temperature. The water temperature for brewing tea must be high! The aged tea has entered a hibernation state after years of sedimentation. Only high temperature can bring out the inner quality of the aged tea.

The step of awaken teapot and tea is essential. Pour in boiling water into the teapot, and pour it out. After that put in the tea leaves, and pour in hot water (until  cover the tea leaves), and then pour it out immediately. The first 3 brews can be poured in and out immediately, after 3 brews, you can increase the duration steeping times, do not increase too much each time, 5s, 10s, 15s. According to the taste of the tea liquor and personal taste to adjust the steeping time.

• While brewing, drench the teapot once after pour in boiling water to maintain temperature.
• Brewing aged tea can choose a thicker, larger belly teapot type, which can better control the temperature inside the pot.

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