Cold Brew Oolong Tea

Cold brew tea, unlike hot brewed tea, which focuses on brewing details, cold brewed tea is relaxed and spontaneous!
Especially now in the heat of the day had a bottle of cold brew tea, icy cool, and healthy! (ˉ﹃ˉ)

How to make Cold Brew Tea
Cold brew tea only requires:-
① Bottle
② Tea leaves
③ Water (room temperature is fine)

The basic ratio is 1g of tea leaves: 100ml of water (can be adjusted according to personal taste)
P.S.: You can brew it one night in advance and put it in the refrigerator to drink the next day.

The aroma and taste of tea leaves brewed in cold water are different from that of hot brew tea. Cold brewed oolong teas are more refreshing, and within an hour or two of the initial steeping, the tea has performed well in the release of fragrance and taste. The cold brewed tea is delicious, but not every tea is suitable for cold brew!
The lighter the fermentation, the sweeter and fresher the taste of the tea liquor after cold brewing, for example, green tea, light-fermented oolong tea, and white tea are suitable for cold brewed tea; if use ripe puer tea, black tea, and other highly fermented teas, the taste of the tea liquor after cold brewing is bland with no aroma, so they are not suitable for cold brewing.

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