Gu Yun Hao Aspirations

Our bond with ancient tree tea began in 2009 when we first embarked on "A Journey Through Tea". A team of seven set out from Kunming, Yunnan, cycling through ancient tea gardens and transporting tea back to Malaysia for a fundraising charity event. During that journey, we wandered deep into the tea mountains and gained an understanding of the ancient tea gardens. It was only after personally visiting, seeing, and crafting the tea ourselves that we had the confidence to ensure it was genuine ancient tree tea. The birth of Gu Yun Hao reflects our respect and dedication to ancient tree tea, a commitment that has continued unwaveringly since then.

Our team is committed to sincere selection and production of tea, focusing on curating authentic experiences of ancient tree tea unique to the terroir. These precious teas come from ancient trees deep in the mountains. Their diversity, rarity and limited yield, starkly contrast with the standardised, mass-production of traditional commercial practice.

Due to these unique characteristics, large manufacturers often shy away, but our small team braves these challenges. Driven by genuine love and respect for tea, we have ventured into old tea villages for years, personally exploring and establishing deep connections with each ancient tree. We listen to their stories, savour their aromas, and feel their vitality.

We understand that only through such sincerity and dedication can the true value of ancient tree tea be revealed. Every leaf is the result of our careful selection, and every sip of tea embodies our pursuit of quality and persistence. We are dedicated to preserving this precious tea culture and sharing the unique charm of ancient tree tea with more people.


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