Have you ever wondered if you are drinking real ancient tree tea?

Would you dare to drink ancient tree tea from unknown origin?

Ancient tree tea has always been considered a treasure among teas, but the market is flooded with various ancient tree teas, making people question their authenticity and the proportion of pure #ancienttreetea in their ingredients. Have you ever wondered why some ancient tree teas are so costly? Let's explore the value behind ancient tree tea together.

一直以来,#古树茶 都被视为茶中瑰宝,因此市场上古树茶百花齐放,甚至有些让人怀疑它的真伪或者茶里面古树茶的原料占有多少成分。你是否想过为什么有些古树茶会如此昂贵?让我们一起探索古树茶背后的价值。

Limited Yield & Rarity 产量稀少

Ancient tea trees grow deep in remote mountains, which are dangerous and harvesting extremely difficult, resulting in a very limited yield. This rarity makes each tea leaf exceptionally precious. It is precisely this environment that imparts the tea with its unique flavor and pure quality.


High in Tasting Value 品饮价值高

Ancient tree tea, with its robust and tall stature and deep roots, is better able to absorb nutrients from the deep layers of the soil and convert them into nutritional substances. Therefore, ancient tree tea contains rich substances, offering a complex and lingering taste profile. Additionally, it boasts various health benefits.


Naturally Pesticide-Free 天然无农药

Ancient tree tea typically grows without human intervention, which gives it unique advantages in resisting pests, diseases, and extreme weather conditions. It doesn't require fertilizers or pesticides, so there's no need to worry about pesticide residues when drinking ancient tree tea. It's natural, healthy, and free from pollution.


Pre-order now and taste the pure ancient tree tea!

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