The first batch of LiuBao Tea made by our founder Mr. Ng was officially launched! The whole process was fermented in the ancient pottery tank, by using "Double Steam and Double Pressure" method. Packed with traditional bamboo basket to produce this batch of commemorative Liu Bao Tea!

What is with woven bamboo baskets & LiuBao tea?
LiuBao tea is traditionally packed inside of woven bamboo basket and they are a great combination together!

Traditional history
In the olden days, woven bamboo basket were used because it was best adapt to local conditions. Surroundings of Wuzhou (Origin of Liubao tea) are abound with bamboos, weaved into baskets made it easy to carry and can hold 30 - 45kg of tea. During the later aging stage, the bamboo basket also helps retain the tea's aroma and improves it's mouthfeel.

Environmental friendly
Bamboo baskets are woven entirely from natural sources, odourless, green and friendly to the environment. It has good ventilation, very breathable and helps with moisture. These are all properties we look for when aging tea.

Behind the name of Hilltown LiuBao – YuanHeng, LiZhen

The first batch of self-made LiuBao was named after the four virtues of The Book of Changes 易经 (also known as I Ching or Yijing) – YuanHeng元亨, LiZhen利贞. These four words suffice simply by their succession, with each continuing the previous one, in expressing a course that is not separated from its 'way'. YuanHeng元亨 - Symbolizes of the growth and a new beginning. LiZhen利贞 - Symbolizes of the reward and collection.

Behind the name of Hilltown LiuBao - RuoZhuo · RuoShen

RuoZhuo若拙 describes something that is clumsy, like the RuoZhuo LiuBao is made from large leaf tea. The idiom 'DaQiaoRuoZhuo大巧若拙' has a similar tone to which art is to conceal art. Under the seemingly clumsy leaves, hides delicate tea liquor. This tea is on the rawer side, crisp sweet beginning, followed by a sweet aftertaste and ends with a slightly bitter ending that melts away. Very comparable to middle and small leaf varietal tea in its own touch.

RuoShen若蔘 is a special blend of LiuBao tea with Jiaogulan. Jiaogulan is nicknamed the 'Ginseng of the north', it is said to aid liver, reduce heatiness, regulate cholesterol, diabetes and blood sugar level, and improve sleep quality. RuoShen has the mellow thickness of LiuBao tea, but also layered flavour profile and slight aroma. It ends with a sweet tingle in the mouth.

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