Let's make a cup of authentic Matcha at home!

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is so profound that it puts people off. The modern version of the easy matcha brewing method can be quite simple. With the right tea set and the right steps, brewing matcha is not difficult 👍

Step 1: A spoon of matcha powder.
Step 2: Add warm water.
Step 3: Quickly stir until the matcha powder dissolves.
Step 4: Enjoy a delicious bowl of Lots Matcha.

Lots matcha, 0% sugar, high fiber, and matcha can increase metabolism and promote fat burning 🔥 Let you get twice the result with half the effort ✊

Looking for matcha? Then choose LOTS Matcha!
✔100% PURE Natural Matcha
✔100% Vegan
✔Shade-growing technique, which improves the nutrient content of tea leaves, light aroma slightly bitter but not astringent
✔Use the steaming technique for fixation, and slow grinding to preserve nutrients
✔Rich in antioxidants
✔Strengthen Body Immune System
✔Natural energy boosts metabolism
✔Zero glycemic indexes, does not raise insulin levels
✔High in fiber, high in vitamins
✔Cost-effective, high-quality matcha that you and I can afford it

LOTS Matcha, the brand you can trust❤️
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