Awakening Tea (also known as rinsing tea) is the process of which flavours of the tea leaves are "awaken" by contact with air and water. It has certain influence over the taste and mouthfeel of LiuBao tea.

Two Types of Tea Awakening
Dry Awakening
Dry awakening is achieved by changing the storing methods of LiuBao tea to "awaken" the tea and retain its aroma.

Two methods of dry awakening: (1) Allow the tea to naturally deodorise by well ventilation. The contact with air rids odour. (2) Storing tea in purple clay jar. Purple clays have high air permeability and can maintain the temperature and moisture within the jar. This allow tea substance and aroma to agglomerate. The duration varies from three days to a month.

Wet Awakening
To wet awakening a tea, prepare tea wares pre-warmed with hot water. Then add in your tea and hot water, and pour it out quickly (just allow it to steep for a few seconds).
Some factors when awakening tea:
• Water temperature used vary between tea types. Lower water temperature for green, new teas and higher temperature for older, fermented teas.
• Do not steep for too long as it may have the opposite effect.

Awakening Method for older LiuBao Tea

• If the dried tea leaves smell of impurities or odour, leave it out in a dry, well-ventilated, odourless place with NO direct sunlight for a day or two. Continue for one or two days inside a purple clay jar (a clean cardboard box or paper bag works too).

If the tea is aromatic, put the tea leaves into the purple clay teapot and drizzle hot water slowly around the body of the teapot. This helps to present the aromas. Then proceed with wet awakening.

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