Rhythm In Aged Tea

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Why do so many people like to drink aged tea?

A qualified old tea has several advantages! [ 👉 Good overall taste of aged tea  👉 Good tasting and collectable ]
Compared to new tea, aged tea has lost its "greenness" and has become thick and stable, and the taste is also very comprehensive, which is most suitable to taste. Good-aged tea has a particularly clean and aged aroma. The taste also becomes more and more mellow and full of aging charm. In addition, the taste of aged tea will be smoother, and sweet, so it tastes quite smooth and makes people feel quite comfortable after drinking.

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The taste of aged tea
Tea is known as a "drinkable antique", and its charm will improve with age. Properly stored aged tea has a unique mellow rhyme. Maybe many tea lovers have fallen in love with tea because of this sip of tea. From the collecting perspective, aged tea is the best proof of time. From the point of view of drinking, what you drink is not only tea but also the changes of "years". The thickness of the tea liquor is "inborn talent", determined by the inherent quality of the tea leaves. The thickness of the tea broth is "artificial" and is determined by the brewing technique. Brewing tea is not just a simple matter of throwing tea into the water to make the tea. In many cases, making tea depends on practice.

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How long does it take to become aged tea?

Different tea types have different standards, and the standards vary from place to place.

White tea is said to be a medicine for seven year olds. After seven years of aging, the aroma of white tea will change from the initial clear floral and milli fragrance to a subdued jujube and medicinal fragrance; the taste will change from fresh, crisp, sweet to mellow and sweet. A seven-year-old white tea has certain health benefits. In the past, it was the "panacea" for the locals in Fuding when they had colds, fires and physical discomfort. Therefore, aged white tea is very popular in Fuding, and all residents have some aged white tea stored in their homes.

Pu-erh tea has the characteristic of "the more it ages, the better it smells", and Pu-erh tea (raw/ripe) must be stored for at least ten years before it can be called aged tea. It is the right choice for warming the stomach, lowering fat, nourishing "qi" and prolonging life. It is called "antique tea that can be drunk" and can be stored for a long time, and the older it is, the more fragrant it becomes.

Over 10 years aged Liubao tea is most suitable for drinking. This tea is mild, sweet, smooth and full of flavor with pure aroma, high in health benefits, suitable for both young and old. Liubao tea can refresh the mind, benefit the spleen and eliminate stagnation, and relieve the heat. Usually someone with diarrhea will add some honey to take. Therefore, the family has the elderly, children have gastrointestinal discomfort, indigestion, you can drink a cup of hot aged liubao tea.


What is good about drinking aged tea?
Aged tea is good. Besides its charm will improve with age, there is also the health value and efficacy of drinking it. Most aged tea is warm, smooth, mellow, clear, sweet, soft, etc. It has a good healthcare effect! Aged tea for more than ten years has a certain stomach-warming effect. The caffeine contained in aged tea can neutralize the body's stomach acid and improve digestive function. It is suitable as a daily healthy drink for the whole family.

If those who are long-term cold hands and feet can have a cup of warm tea every morning, and if have a bad stomach can add a spoonful of honey when drinking, which is more effective in nourishing the stomach. The results can only be shown through continuous "persistence".

When the weather turns cold, you can make a pot of aged white tea, which can dispel wind and cold, adjust the vitality and nourish the blood, prevent colds, drink aged white tea can also stop diarrhea, and add red dates to warm the intestines. If you get cold, aged white tea can also play a role in relieving asthma and resolving phlegm.

Aged Teas That You Should Bring Back Home

1. Aged Puer Combo Set 
: The aged tea combo set allows you to taste two kinds of aged puer tea at the same time. Stock is limited, first come first served. Tea lovers who like to drink aged tea must not miss it!

2. White Tea Combo Set : 
Good aged white tea liquor is as bright as amber; The taste is mellow and full, and smoother, and the sweetness and viscosity will gradually increase.

3. Eighteen Years Aged Liu Bao Tea (80g) : 
18 Years Aged Liu Bao Tea, meets the standard of "red, thick, aged and mellow". The aroma of this tea is richly varied, and every brew will bring you a surprise!

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