The Top 3 Post-CNY Weight Loss Teas

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Do you gain 3 pounds every Chinese New Year? During the festive season, indulging in sumptuous feasts with rich dishes inevitably leads to weight gain. While they say 'gaining weight is a sign of respect for the Chinese New Year🤣,' I still don't want to put on those extra pounds ah! Follow along with us and let's start sipping these teas to lose weight!

乌龙茶 | 清新爽口,助于消化


Oolong Tea | Refreshing and aids digestion
Also known as Qing Cha, Oolong Tea's fresh aroma and layered taste make it an ideal choice for removing grease. Having a cup of Oolong Tea after meals not only aids digestion but also leaves a refreshing sensation in your mouth, bidding farewell to the burden of greasiness.

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普洱熟茶 | 消油解腻,降脂养生


Ripe Puerh Tea | Eliminates oil and grease, health preservation
Ripe Puerh Tea stands out among grease-eliminating teas. Through the fermentation process, it develops a unique taste that boosts metabolism and helps nourishing health. Its mild taste allows you to experience the dissipation of greasiness, rejuvenating your body and mind.

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乐仕抹茶 | 清新解腻,焕发活力

LOTS® Matcha | Refreshing and revitalizing
After indulging in rich meals during the Chinese New Year, having a cup of Japanese Matcha is a wise choice. Rich in antioxidants, Matcha helps the body eliminate excess oil, and its refreshing taste revitalizes you after a feast, providing a burst of energy!

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The end of the Lunar New Year means that everyone has returned to their respective jobs. Are you ready for the sprint? Why not have a cup of tea to adjust your state? Take back control of your indulgent holiday habits and earnestly embrace work and life!

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