The Best Way To Store Tea

aged tea leaves

Store tea is to make tea more mellow and smooth in the future.
The storage of tea is not just the taste that is passed down, but also the health. The health value of aged tea lies in its natural storage. After a long time of precipitation, tea is slowly transformed into more mellow and mild, with more and more significant health value.

Three key points of store tea
When it comes to tea storage, it is certain that the three gates of raw materials, process, and storage are inseparable, one cannot be missing. The quality of the tea itself is always the absolute principle. Tea of less quality will only become worse in aroma and taste as time goes by. The second is the tea-making process. As long as there is a bad raw material or process, even if it has been stored for several years, it will go from bad to worse. Then there is how to store the tea. After a period of storage, the aroma, tea liquor, taste, and color will change. The main environmental conditions that allow tea aging are temperature, moisture, oxygen, light, and the interaction between them.

🌡 Temperature | Temperature can accelerate the change of tea, while the low temperature can slow down the aging of tea.

💧 Humidity | Tea has strong absorptivity. The higher the humidity, the greater the possibility of moisture absorption of tea. Generally, mildew may occur when the water content of tea exceeds 6%. Therefore, the place where tea leaves are placed should not be too wet.

☀ Light | Light exposure will have an adverse effect on the tea leaves. So avoid the place where the sunlight shines directly.

 It is to be noted that | Tea leaves can easily absorb odors from the environment, even including the odors in the tea containers.

aged tea

What kind of tea is collectable?
Not all categories are suitable for storage, and the ability to stand out from the rest is related to their tea characteristics, which prove their extraordinary quality. Then there are strict temperature and humidity standards and sanitary conditions. Tea is easy to absorb odor, if there is an odor in the storage place, it will burrow into the tea leaves and be drunk out of the odor.

Puer Tea ( Raw / Ripe), White Tea, and Liu Bao Tea are suitable for storage, but it should be noted that storing tea also requires certain conditions. The prerequisite for tea storage is the quality of the tea itself, otherwise, the quality will only get worse and worse as time goes by. Green Tea, and Yellow Tea should be fresh. What we drink is its fresh and crisp taste. Because these two kinds of tea are lightly fermented or even unfermented, fermented its flavor and aroma may not be there, so they have no storage value.

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