XiaoBaWang is a raw pu’er cake launched every year ever since 2005. XiaoBaWang has been one of our most recognisable product for years! It has been loved by many and a collector’s item of XiaoBaWang enthusiasts. Our XiaoBaWang series have always been produced using the best raw materials and methods. This year, we decided on a blend of the finest tea leaves from the ecological plantation of Jingmai Mountain, one of the six major tea mountains in China, and MengSong Mountain, a well-known ancient tea mountain as the raw material of XiaoBaWang.  We only use tea leaves comprising of a single bud and two leaves from those areas. These raw materials are sun -dried prior to moulding into tea cakes. We persevered in selecting only the best quality raw materials and our refined production methods as well as craftsmanship will guarantee a delectably mellow tea for your enjoyment.

The Back Story of XiaoBaWang

The name XiaoBaWang could be literally translated into "little overlord". It is a raw Puer Tea made from ecological tea leaves and XiaoBaWang has been one of our most recognisable product for years!

For years, there were little to none Pu'er Tea brands that truly belonged to Malaysia. So Mr. NG, founder of Legend of Tea, wanted to build a Puer Tea that resonates with Malaysians. Why is it named as XiaoBaWang instead of “DaMoWang” (Big Devilor “XiaoBaDao” (Little Bully)? Why is it “Xiao”(Small) instead of “Da” (Big)? It is actually because the size of XiaoBaWang is petite compared to other tea cakes. The average tea cakes weight about 357g per piece but XiaoBaWang only weights 200g per piece. As a focus on quality over quantity, but still regulating the price that is widely acceptable to our customers. BaWang” (overlord) on the other hand represents the rich, domineering and layered flavours of the tea. The aroma is high and sharp, good aftertaste to leave sweetness on both sides of the cheeks with a prominent throat "yun". XiaoBaWang is like a diamond among pebbles, good quality tea without breaking the bank.

Why is it 200g?

The weight of 357g tea cakes was set by many years ago, so why it’s not 350g or 400g, but 357g? Is it because of auspicious? Actually, it's not. Around two thousand years ago, people try to make it easy to count, taxation and trade. Assuming that 1 piece of tea cake is 357g, 1 tube (7 pieces) of tea cakes is equivalent to 2.5kg, and 1 basket (12 tubes) of tea cakes is equal to 30kg. So the original fragmented number becomes an integer! Another version was people used to transport tea by horse, can you imagine that how much of tea can transport at a time by 1 horse? 60kg (24 tubes) is exactly the weight that a horse can carry.

Why is the XiaoBaWang 200g instead of following the weight of 357g? In 2000 years ago, 200g tea cakes were relatively rare. First, we want to make an iconic tea which is belonging to the Malaysian brand. Second, we want to use better cost-effective way to let even more people can taste XiaoBaWang. The 200g is the best choice in our opinion, so that everyone can taste the aristocratic taste XiaoBaWang. The 200g is the best choice in our opinion, so that everyone can taste the aristocratic taste at a common price. 

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