18' FuDing Peony White Tea 350G

18' FuDing Peony White Tea 350G

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Product description
Peony White Tea is produced in Fuding City and Zhenghe County of Fujian Province, using Fuding Da Bai Cha (large white tea) and Fuding Da Hao Cha (large 
pekoe tea) as raw materials and processed by traditional technology. Its shape is fat and strong, the leaves are grey-green, and the back of the leaves are covered with white hairs.

It's called Peony White Tea due to its silvery-white hairs, looks like a flower, and when it's brewed, the green leaves hold the young buds, just as the buds first bloom. After brewing, the fragrance of the pekoe is fresh and long-lasting, and the taste is mellow and slightly sweet. In addition, it also contributes to the health effects of three antis (anti-radiation, antioxidant, anti-cancer) and three down (lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, and lower blood sugar), as well as nourishing the heart, liver, eyes, mind, and qi.

Benefit of White Tea
White tea is minimally processed, the main process consists of withering & drying. White tea retains a higher amount of antioxidants than other tea.

Helps to:
• Improves skin condition
• Cool down body internal heat
• Aids in healthy weight loss
• Strengthen body immune system
• Lower cholesterol & blood pressure

    Brewing method
    Teaware: Purple clay teapot, Porcelain or Glass Utensil
    Tea amount: 7g
    Water temperature: 80℃ - 90℃
    Awaken tea: 1 or 2 times
    Steep time: 12-20 seconds

    Net Weight: 350g
    Ingredients: White Tea
    Storage: Store in a dry, cool, shaded, well-ventilated, and odourless place.