2015 Xiao Ba Wang

2015 Xiao Ba Wang

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XiaoBaWang is a raw pu’er cake launched every year ever since 2005. It has been loved by many and a collector’s item of XiaoBaWang enthusiasts.

Currently, JingMai MangJing is the world's best-preserved artificially cultivated ancient tea farm, it's the origin of tea planting method under the natural forest, and also one of the historical ancient tea mountains decade ago. The complete natural ecosystem and environment as well as the origin of tea planting methods are of great research value, and also been listed as a "The Museum of Tea Trees" by experts.

Its tea leaves are tightly-knotted. The tea liquor is slightly bitter and sweet aftertaste, and it's thick and rich, with a smooth taste. It can be said that it contained a complete of all flavors (shape, color, fragrance, taste, smell, yun).

Helps to
• Lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol level
• Improve digestion
• Lose body fat

Weight: 200g
Ingredients: Tea leaves
Origin: Yunnan - JingMai MangJing
Tea variety: Raw Pu'er
Year: 2015
Storage: Store in a dry, cool, shaded, well-ventilated, and odourless place.

Brewing method
Teaware: Purple clay teapot or Porcelain
Tea amount: 6g - 7g
Water temperature: 85° C - 95° C
Awaken tea: 1 or 2 times