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Year of Boar Raw Puer

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Product description
Year of Boar Raw Puer is one of the Chinese zodiac Puer tea cake series launched every lunar new year. This tea is an unfermented tea, produced in Yunnan. It is made from freshly picked tea leaves and aged naturally without being fermented. The tea liquor is yellow-green in colour, the aroma is fresh and light, the taste is mellow, the brewed tea leaves are clean, and it has a sweet aftertaste. 

Helps to
• Lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol level
• Improve digestion
• Lose body fat

Brewing Method 
Teaware: Purple clay teapot or Porcelain 
Tea amount: 6g - 7g 
Water temperature: 80°C-90°C 
Awaken tea: 1 or 2 times
Steep time: 12-20 seconds

Net weight: 357g 
Ingredients: Tea leaves
Place of origin: Yunnan
Tea variety: Raw Pu'er 
Year: Compressed in Year 2018
Storage: Store in a dry, cool, shaded, well-ventilated, and odourless place.

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