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The Treasure of Ripe Puer | 17' GuPu ErHao
Choose pure ancient trees from Bulang Mountain as raw materials for pile-fermentation. The aroma is delicate and elegant. The tea liquor is clean and transparent. Supremely light and smooth in the mouth. The taste is refreshing and richly layered. The taste is even smoother with the heavy infusion method. The taste is still dense after five brews. Is one of the most precious ripe teas!
𝗣.𝗦.: You can try to brew this tea by the boiling method, and taste the same tea in different tastes!
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18' FuDing Peony White Tea
The color of tea liquor has a clear orange-yellow and translucent, it's aroma is light and elegant, the first few brews carry a hint of pekoe fragrance, the taste is mellow and slightly sweet. Its dried tea is fat and strong, the leaves are grey-green, and the back of the leaves are covered with white hairs. It's called Peony White Tea due to its silvery-white hairs, looks like a flower, and when it's brewed, the green leaves hold the young buds, just as the buds first bloom. In addition, it also contributes to the health effect, as well as nourishing the heart, liver, eyes, mind, and qi. Make a pot of white tea for yourself in your spare time, to maintain health and relaxation.
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Bing Lang Xiang 025 Liu Bao Tea
Bing Lang Xiang (betel nut aroma) is one of the most distinguishable tastes in Liu Bao tea. Made from selected tea leaves, stored from the year 2006 until today. After years of collection, the Bing Lang Xiang aroma is significant with a hint of aging when brewing, the taste of first & second brews has a sense of mellow and full, Bing Lang Xiang fragrance is clear and clean, and drink a unique sense of satisfaction. Overall this tea has an obvious sweetness, mellowness, and dryness, with a very high brew resistance. If savored, it's distinct in sweetness and Bing Lang Xiang fragrance, good aftertaste, and leaves sweetness on both sides of the cheeks.
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The Masterpiece of Ripe Puer Tea | 19' GongYa GuPu
Ancient tree ripe tea series, using the ancient tree tea leaves in the Hekai Mountain area as raw materials, and It‘s blended with spring and autumn tea. The production process is just like "palace young buds" specially selected buds after production and pressed into compressed tea. The aroma of the tea is overflowing with bud fragrance, and the taste of this tea is slightly like aged tea. Tea liquor feels smooth and mellow. It's still sweet at the end. The aroma and taste of the tea are all perfect. High aroma with sweetness, sweetness with depth and penetration.
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